About Us

At the Economic Development Corporation, our guiding principle is that there is nothing more important to our national economy than a thriving small business sector. Small businesses employ nearly half of all Americans, and without those businesses our national economy would be sunk.

Anyone can start a business. But the knowledge required to start a business well by creating a business plan, conducting market research, creating a formal legal structure, and putting into place a proper bookkeeping system has traditionally been reserved for those with formal business schooling.

We just think that’s wrong, and we’re trying to change it. We’ve sought to create a platform that can help regular people start a business with the same basic understanding of business planning and the business systems that a business school grad would have. Our scope is specific.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing concise, no-nonsense guides you can use to plan your business journey. We won’t waste your time teaching you how to do something that you can pay someone a paltry sum to do for you. Instead, we identify aspects of starting a business that are best farmed out to lawyers or online services. For those services, we’ve made recommendations and written reviews.

Thousands of businesses are started and fail each year for lack of proper planning and systems, and it just doesn’t have to be that way. If you are preparing to start a business, or even if you already have, and are beginning to feel the weight of your lack of preparation, we hope you’ll take a look at the articles we’ve prepared and that they help your business succeed.

About Thomas Klein

Hello and welcome to my little project. The story behind it is simple. When I was 25 I started a contracting business. Though I can build anything and found lots of business initially, my business ultimately failed because I had not prepared any bookkeeping system and had no marketing plan whatsoever. I hit one rough patch and had no way to recover. Soon, I went back to work for a local business and eventually was forced to sell a lot of equipment at a loss. I went back to school and got a degree in business administration. The knowledge I gained there was invaluable. I soon started a new business and eventually many.

But something always bothered me about my experience. Looking back, the difference between my success and failure wasn’t four years of school. The difference was learning a few basic skills about preparing for the success of my business.

I put this website up to try and deal with this problem specifically. I’ve tried to cut through the B.S. and give aspiring entrepreneurs only what they need. Because it’s important. Hope you are able to find here what you need for your business.

About Thomas Klein