Incfile LLC Service Review

Incfile LLC Services Review 2022

Start Your Company for $0 Plus State Filing Fees with!

Incfile does a great job and they’ll form your LLC at no cost with their Silver package, which includes a free year of registered agent services. Incfile also has a great website and easy signup process, but they do have limited customer service. For this reason we don’t recommend Incfile for first time business owners.

Example Delaware LLC formation Total Cost:

DE State Fees $119 + Credit Card Fee $0 + Incfile Fees $0 = Total $119

Our Review Methodology

When we decided to create a review section for our site, we approached it like we do everything else, with reckless abandon and a merciless pursuit of the truth. For each review we conducted we actually formed an LLC with the site we reviewed.

Instead of simply reading customer reviews, we became a customer. We called each site’s customer service line and asked some tough questions and reported their responses. We monitored our bank account for unexpected charges, and if any funny business occurred we automatically removed that site from our list of contenders.

All of the sites we’ve included in the review section are ones that get our stamp of approval.


IncFile Pros

Great Value (for the Silver Package)

If all you’re looking for is a service to file your LLC for you, Incfile’s Silver Package is a great value, since they will file your LLC for free, only charging you the state fees. The free year of registered agent service is a great bonus. Just keep in mind that you will need to officially change your registered agent and cancel auto-renewal before your first year is up if you don’t want to pay $119 to continue this service.

For most small business owners, the extra services you get with the Gold and Platinum packages will probably not be worth the extra cost. The main additional features you get with the Gold package are the EIN and the operating agreement. Some businesses might find it worthwhile to pay $149 for a customized operating agreement, but most will be fine using an operating agreement template, which you can find for free online. You can also get an EIN for free directly from the IRS.

The Platinum package adds even less additional value to justify the expense. A web domain name and email address can be purchased much cheaper elsewhere, and the business contract templates won’t be useful to most new business owners. Only some states offer expedited filing, and if your state offers it, Incfile will give you the option to pay the state’s expedited filing fee with the Silver or Gold Package. Expedited filing fees vary by state, but the average is around $50.

Easy Sign-Up Process

Many of Incfile’s positive customer reviews talk about how Incfile’s sign-up process is quick and easy. We found this to be true when we signed up for their Silver package. The sign-up page clearly lists the prices for each package and tells you what services you get with each package, unlike the websites for ZenBusiness and LegalZoom, where you need to enter some personal information during the sign-up process before they even tell you how much their formation service costs.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike some of their competitors who use confusing up-sell tactics to get customers to accidentally sign up for extra services they don’t want, Incfile is transparent about what they’re charging you for. There are a few third-party offers in their sign-up process, but if you opt-in to these services, the price is updated automatically, so you won’t be surprised by your bill.

Incfile Cons

Limited Customer Support

Customer complaints against Incfile often revolve around their customer support. When we called Incfile’s customer support line, we were sent to voicemail. However, when we called again an hour later, we got through right away. The customer support rep was professional and answered our questions. For most customers, Incfile’s customer support would probably be just fine. But someone who anticipates needing a lot of support starting their business might prefer an LLC service with longer support hours and more specialized customer support reps.

Difficult to Cancel

Incfile only allows you to cancel services by emailing their customer support, and we read several reviews from customers who said they had emailed customer support to cancel their service and had received no response. They do not allow you to cancel over the phone or through your online account. We wish Incfile offered more ways to cancel their service, especially since the customer support email does not seem to be entirely reliable.

Questionable Third-Party Offers

Some of the additional features you get with the Gold and Platinum packages are really third-party offers with questionable value. For example, the business tax consultation that is offered with the Gold and Platinum package is conducted by a third party, and we saw multiple customer reviews claiming that the third-party company they talked to during this “consultation” spent the entire time trying to up-sell them and could not answer their basic tax questions.

The business bank account offered with the Gold and Platinum packages is also a third-party offer through Bank of America. You can open a business bank account for free at most banks and credit unions, so there’s no need to pay extra to get a “free” bank account with Bank of America.

How the Signup Works

Incfile has a great, user friendly sign up process.

Incfile offers a physical business address that you can use for your LLC for $29/month. It’s a great option for those seeking privacy or for those with businesses operated out of their homes.





Additional Services from Incfile

In addition to a variety of LLC formation packages, Incfile also offers:

  • Lifetime Company Alerts: Included with the Gold and Platinum packages. Incfile will send you an alert when your state reports are due.
  • Annual Report Filing: $99 plus state fees. Incfile will file your business’s annual or biennial report for you.
  • Amendments: $99 plus state fees. You might need to file an amendment if you decide to change your business name, update your address, or add or remove members from your LLC.
  • Business license research package: $99. Incfile will send you a list of all the licenses that apply to your business, along with the forms you will need to apply for them. However, they do not complete the forms or file them for you.
  • Trademark registration: $199 plus state fees. A lawyer will help you register a trademark for your business. This could be useful if you want to protect your business name, logo, or slogan.

Once you are signed up with Incfile, you’re able to purchase additional services that your business might need down the road. These services include a Certificate of Good Standing, Foreign Registration, and S-Corp tax election, among others.

Alternatives to Incfile

Here are links to our reviews of a few of Incfile’s main competitors:

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Normally $225 plus state fees, including a year of registered agent service. Currently offering a promotional price of $39 plus state fees, plus a free year of registered agent service ($125 per year after that).
  • ZenBusiness: Normally $49 plus state fees with registered agent service at $199 per year. Currently offering a promotional price of $39 plus state fees, plus a free year of registered agent service, $119 per year after that.
  • LegalZoom: Starts at $79 plus state fees. Registered agent service costs $299 per year.

Prefer a side-by-side comparison? See how Incfile matches up to these competitors in our comparison reviews linked below: