Incfile Registered Agent Service Review

Incfile is a great choice for registered agent services. At $119/year (first year free when they form your business), they’re a great deal, too.

Incfile Registered Agent Service Review
Incfile Registered Agent Service Review

Incfile Registered Agent Service

A bargain at $119/yr

  • Free first year when forming a new business with Incfile.
  • Free business formation services.
  • Moderately priced for a reputable company.
  • Great for new business owners.
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IncFile Registered Agent Review Options and pricing

Incfile has a lot of language on their site about a free Incfile registered agent service. This is actually just a free first year of service, which is only available if you also form your LLC or corporation with Incfile. After that, registered agent services with Incfile cost $112/year.

It’s important to note this offer is only for new businesses. The offer does not include any registered agent services obtained while registering your LLC in a foreign state.

This service includes email notification of all received documents, an online dashboard where you can view the scanned documents in full, and automatic mail forwarding of all documents. It does not include a compliance services or annual report filing.

IncFile Registered Agent Services Include:

  • Email alerts for all new mail received (including service of process).
  • Online dashboard for viewing documents received.
  • Automatic mail forwarding.
  • Does not include an compliance services or annual report reminders.

Incfile’s Annual Report Filing and Compliance Services

Incfile does not offer compliance monitoring services. They do offer an annual report filing service, but you will be on your own to know when to file them.

Annual Report Filing

$99 + state fees – Incfile creates and files your annual report.

Incfile’s Compliance Reminders

Incfile does not offer a compliance service. This is a misstep, because most companies offer a service to remind you when your annual report is coming due. Those reminders help a lot, because states vary widely on when the reports are due and for which companies. It makes them annoyingly difficult to keep track of.

Using Incfile with a Multi-State LLC

One of the frustrating things about Incfile (and most of its competitors) is that you cannot manage your multi-state LLC under one account. For each state in which you do business, you’ll have to sign up separately. Northwest Registered Agent is the only one of these companies that does. If you are managing an LLC in multiple states, you may want to take a look at their site for the best management of your multi-state LLC.

IncFile and Your Personal Data

According to Incfile’s privacy policy, “Each time you use our Services or submit Personal Data or other Content to us, you confirm your consent to the collection, storage, processing, use, sharing, and onward transfer of your Personal Data and any other Personal Data you submit, and all other Content you provide, as further stated in the version of these Terms and the version of the Privacy Policy that are current as of the date of your submission.
This means, they sell your data. We really don’t like this, but you might not care. It’s not like it’s unusual. But if privacy is a concern, there are other options like Northwest Registered Agent, who does not sell customer data.

Incfile Registered Agent Service Alternative

At $119/yr Incfile registered agent service is a great deal. If privacy is important to you, we recommend checking out Northwest Registered Agent.