LegalZoom Registered Agent Services

LegalZoom Registered Agent Service Review

LegalZoom is the largest online business and legal services provider in the industry. Thanks to a massive advertising budget, they are perhaps the only household name. Should they be your registered agent? LegalZoom’s prices are high, but their services are extensive. Read on to learn more.


• Trusted Brand
• Lots of additional Services
• Great Customer Service
• annual report reminders included


• High Prices
• Bad for multi-state LLCs
• No first year discount

LegalZoom Registered Agent Options and Pricing

LegalZoom charges $299/year for registered agent services. This is one of the highest rates in the industry. For this fee, you’ll get standard registered agent services. This includes email alerts of service of process and other state communications, cloud storage for business documents, and change of registered agent fees. Oh yeah, and access to a credit monitoring service.

In addition, LegalZoom offers compliance alerts using their annual report calendar. This is a service that some, including ZenBusiness, charge extra for.

In our opinion, these services don’t justify the high cost. Having said that, LegalZoom is big and safe and their customer service is excellent. In addition if you think you’ll need other legal services in the future it could be good to keep it all under one house.

What You get for $299 per Year

• Email alerts to new mail and service of process
• Compliance calendar that alerts you to annual report deadlines
• Experian credit monitoring services
• Unlimited cloud storage for business documents
• Fees or penalties incurred for switching registered agent covered

LegalZoom’s Annual Report Filing and Compliance Services

Annual Report Filing

$55 + state fees. This creates and files your annual report.
$75 + state fees. This gets your services rushed, but with no specific guarantees.

LegalZoom’s Compliance Reminders

LegalZoom does not offer a separate compliance service. Instead, annual report reminders are included in their registered agent service. You’ll get email reminders for your annual reports, which include a link to a very simple questionnaire. Complete that questionnaire and LegalZoom will file your annual report for you for $55 plus the state fees.

Using LegalZoom with a Multi-State LLC

One of the frustrating things about LegalZoom (and most of its competitors) is that you cannot manage your multi-state LLC under one account. For each state in which you do business you’ll have to sign up separately. Northwest Registered Agents might be the only company that makes this process easy. If you are managing an LLC in multiple states, you may want to take a look at their site for the best care in that way.

LegalZoom and Your Personal Data

LegalZoom does not sell personal information.
To quote their privacy policy: “LegalZoom does not sell Personal Information to third parties and will not sell Personal Information. If, in the future, LegalZoom does decide to sell Personal Information, any Personal Information collected prior to updating this Privacy Policy will be treated as if a valid request to opt-out from third party sales had been submitted by the consumer that the information relates to.

For us, this is a big win. We hate data sharing and sales.


LegalZoom is a fore runner and innovator in the online legal and business service industry. Their prices are high, but they are a trustworthy registered agent with good tech, and they do not sell your data.