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Northwest Registered Agent Review (2023)

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Northwest Registered Agent

$39 + State Fees

  • Includes 1 day processing
  • Includes first year registered agent service ($125 2nd yr)
  • Includes custom operating agreement
  • Includes Premium customer support
  • Actual registered agent (their address on public docs)
  • Will not sell or share client data
Have Northwest Registered Agent Form Your LLC for $39

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Verdict

Northwest Registered Agent is currently the top online business formation and registered agent service. Northwest Registered Agent prioritizes privacy, customer service, and no hidden fees. And their loaded $39 LLC Formation deal makes recommending them simple.

Upsells and Spam
Formation Speed
Customer Service
Ease of Signup

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Services

The primary services offered by Northwest Registered Agent are:

  • Full service LLC and corporation formation services
  • Registered Agent service (offered in all 50 states)
  • Address privacy (keeps your address off public record)
  • Annual Report and compliance services

LLC and Corporation Formation Services

What makes an LLC formed by Northwest Registered Agent (called the Northwest LLC) different than other LLCs is that the Northwest LLC is formed by a registered agent. On its face, you might not think that would make much of a difference, as a registered agent is really an entity or individual that accepts legal notices and mail on behalf of a business entity. But, because of what Northwest includes with their registered agent service—primarily a business address and digital mail scans—you get a more secure LLC.

The Privacy Difference

A more secure LLC doesn’t mean you get enhanced limited liability, but it does mean enhanced privacy. Privacy is a major factor in our Northwest Registered Agent review.

They do not profit on your data.

When you hire Northwest Registered Agent to form your LLC, they also include registered agent service, which allows them to list their address on your company’s formation documents. If you haven’t formed an LLC before, that may sound odd, but when Northwest lists their address on your formation documents, it means you don’t have to list your home address. That will save you from piles of junk mail and weird solicitations. And in our current digital age where information can easily be scraped off the internet, privacy is no longer just for the paranoid. Plus, the company is committed to not selling or sharing client data with third parties. If this peaks your interest and you want to learn more, we recommend you check out the Northwest Privacy by Default® page.

Customer Service

Customer service is another major standout feature in our Northwest Registered Agent review. While the company has seen a massive amount of growth over the past several years, they appear to have made every effort to maintain a commitment to their clients as evidenced by their Google reviews, in which they seem to respond to every review–even the negative ones–and address client complaints and praises.

In short, if you’re going to hire an online service to form your LLC, you probably won’t do better than Northwest Registered Agent.

We do, of course, recommend you click the link on this website to signup as we can provide a sizable discount. Northwest Registered Agent is a premium service and their normal LLC formation fee is $225 plus state fees ($100 LLC formation fee + $125 registered agent), we’ve got access to a Northwest LLC formation special of $39 + state fees.

To see our full review of Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation service, keep reading.

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Value

Northwest’s Value Score

The $39 Northwest LLC Formation Service

Northwest offers a very straightforward LLC formation service in any state for $39 plus state fees (available through the link above). They are void of any hard-pushed upsells or tricky language. And if you run into a problem, you can have an expert on the phone in minutes who will walk you through it. On top of that, Northwest will file your paperwork on the same day you submit it. Use the promotional link above, and it’s only $39!

Registered Agent Service Value

At $125/year, Northwest Registered Agent is not the cheapest service out there, but the value is in what they bring to the table.

Northwest Registered Agent Is an Actual Registered Agent. 

  • That means they can use their business address instead of yours on formation documents.

Northwest Registered Agent Emphasizes Privacy with Privacy by Default®:

  • They do not sell your information.
  • They use their business address instead of yours wherever possible.
  • They minimize third party exposure to your information by keeping processes in-house.
  • They use in-house servers and software.

Northwest can Manage Multiple States in One Account

Most sites require a separate account for each state that your company is registered to do business in. But Northwest Registered Agent lets you:

  • Place orders for multiple states at the same time.
  • Manage multiple states in one account.

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Upsells and Spam

Northwest’s Spam Score

No one likes to sign up for a specific service, only to find themselves barraged by confusing upsells and third party deals for a different service. Marketing departments for online services also often pelt customers with spam email. So, considering the breadth of services Northwest Registered Agent offers, they do a great job of not clobbering you over the head with either. It makes sense though that a company that vows to not sell your data and helps keep your private information out of the public record as much as they can, by default, would also respect your privacy enough not to fill your inbox with spam.

  • No upsells
  • No spam emails after signup

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Formation Speed

Northwest’s Speed Score

Northwest Registered Agent offers same-day filing services. What else is there to say?

  • Our paperwork was filed with the state of Delaware same day.
  • We had a fully formed LLC in 4 business days.

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Customer Service

Northwest’s Customer Service Score

Northwest Registered Agent customer service begins and ends with their Corporate Guides®. These guides are professional and knowledgeable. They were easy to reach and were willing to walk us through the entire process of forming our LLC in real time.

The Northwest Registered Agent Review Ease of Signup Process

Northwest’s Signup Score

Northwest Registered Agent has a real easy signup process. They make it straight forward. Northwest values transparency, which is evident in their signup form. A lot of companies make you complete part of the form before you can see the rest. Northwest allows you to see the entire form before you enter any information, which allows you to decide to signup based on all the information.


The Northwest Registered Agent Review Additional Services

An important consideration of our Northwest Registered Agent review is how they handle their additional services. Their brand is “When You Want More”, with an emphasis on the “When”, because maybe it’s not right now. Right now, maybe you just want to form your LLC, and you don’t care about a registered agent or business address, or business phone number. What’s nice about Northwest Registered Agent is they don’t pressure you to add these additional services while you’re just trying to form your LLC. Instead, they make them all easily added later.

Registered Agent Service ($125/Year, First Year Included With LLC Formation):

Almost all states require LLCs maintain an official registered agent. This ensures a point of contact between the LLC and the state. To qualify as a registered agent, one typically need only be a resident of the state and be available during business hours. This means that many LLC owners can qualify to be their own registered agent and save a little money if they only plan on doing business in one state. But it also requires that you divulge your personal address on public documents, so generally is not recommended for those who value privacy.

Northwest Registered Agent handles all communications digitally, so any official notices you receive from the state are automatically uploaded to a secure account, which you can view from any browser. They also upload any mail they receive for you by mistake.

Operating Agreement (Free State Specific Templates)

An operating agreement is a crucial document for every LLC. It outlines the rules and guidelines the LLC will be legally obligated to follow. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be created early on. Northwest Registered Agent makes it easy and affordable to create a state specific operating agreement at the time of formation, or whenever you’re ready.

Federal Tax ID or EIN, ($50)

A Federal Tax ID is free to obtain and is not required by the state. However, you’ll need one in most cases to open a bank account. You can add one to your order and Northwest Registered Agent will obtain one for you. You can also follow their detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

Annual Business Compliance Filing ($100 + State Fees)

Almost all states require that you file some type of annual report. Each state has their own requirements and due dates. Many states have stiff penalties for failing to file. It gets particularly confusing when your LLC operates in more than one state. Northwest Registered Agent will file this for you for $100 fee, or you can do it yourself following their state-specific annual report instructions.

Virtual Office, Virtual Mail, and Web-Based Phone Service

Northwest Registered Agent offers a few different products, all of which revolve around a private, physical address in one of a handful of states, and an affordable web-based phone number that lets you choose from nearly any area code.

Law on Call

This is a subscription legal service, much like that offered by LegalZoom, but appears to be in a fledgling stage and available only in limited locations. Their trademark services appear to offer the most value at this point.

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