Northwest Registered Agent Review

We like Northwest Registered Agent because of their highly-informed customer service agents, cost transparency, customer data privacy policies (they never sell customer data), and education. Their $39 LLC Formation deal is pretty sweet, too.

Northwest Registered Agent $39 LLC Formation Includes:

  • A fully-formed business
  • 1 yr registered agent service
  • Business Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Privacy by default®
  • Corporate guide services®
$39 LLC Formation–Northwest Registered Agent

Example Delaware LLC formation Total Cost:

DE State Fees $90  + Credit Card Fee $0   + Northwest Fees $39   = Total $129

Our Review Methodology

We actually formed an LLC with each site we reviewed. Afterward, we verified all paperwork was filed correctly and timely. We monitored the accounts for unexpected charges.

We based our review scores on the following criteria:

  • Value
  • Ease of signup
  • Upsells and spam
  • Default formation speed (expedite fees not included)
  • Quality of customer service

Although we do look at customer reviews and feature some throughout the website, they play no role in the composition of our own score.

Northwest Registered Agent Pros

Northwest Registered Agent really checks all the boxes. They offer excellent value, easy signup, no pushy upsells or spam, same-day filing, and quality customer service.

Northwest Registered Agent Offers Excellent Value

Northwest Registered Agent offers excellent value, especially their $39 formation package. There are other things to consider when thinking about value. Northwest also brings more subtle things to the table that make them a great value. Here’s a few examples.

The Benefits of Forming With a Registered Agent

When you hire Northwest to start your LLC, the LLC is formed by registered agents. That matters because by having a registered agent form your LLC, a lot of additional features like the use of the registered agent address as your business, free mail scanning and what the company calls Privacy by Default®.

There are a lot of benefits of a private business formation process that you may not consider when starting a business, but they’re things you’ll want in the future.

Features of Privacy by Default®:

  • They do not sell your information.
  • They use their business address instead of yours wherever possible.
  • They minimize third party exposure to your information by keeping processes in-house.
  • They use in-house servers and software.

Multi-State Accounts

Most sites require a separate account for each state that your company is registered to do business in. But Northwest Registered Agent lets you:

  • Place orders for multiple states at the same time.
  • Manage multiple states in one account.

Northwest Registered Agent has no Pushy Upsells or Spam

Considering the breadth of services Northwest Registered Agent offers, they do a great job of not clobbering you over the head with upsells.

  • Minimal upsells
  • No spam emails after signup

Northwest Registered Agents Offers Fast Formation Speed

Northwest Registered Agent offers same-day filing services.

  • Our paperwork was filed with the state of Delaware same day
  • We had a fully formed LLC in 9 business days

Northwest Registered Agent Offers Excellent Customer Service

Northwest Registered Agent customer service begins and ends with their Corporate Guides®

Corporate Guides®

The customer service agents at Northwest Registered Agent definitely passed our test.

They are highly trained with industry knowledge far beyond the function of filing.

Here is our conversation:

Us: I heard Delaware is a good state to start my LLC in. Is that true?

NW Agent: Will your business be all online?

Us: Yes, all online

NW Agent: A lot of people start LLCs and corporations in Delaware. I don’t really know why. It’s really nothing special. The annual report is expensive: $300. You could also try Wyoming. Cheap. Only $60 for annual report. Ohio doesn’t have an annual report. Don’t list member and manager info so good for privacy. (He told me the difference in prices if I went through Northwest for the three states). Told me the filing time for the three states: Ohio: 7 days, Delaware: 5 days, Wyoming: 2 days.

Us: If I live in Illinois, are there any complications with starting my LLC in Delaware?

NW Agent: No, not if only doing business online.

Us: Do I need a registered agent and what does it do?

NW Agent: RA service is needed if filing in a state where you don’t have a personal address. Obviously, you wouldn’t have to go through us. The main purpose of a registered agent is to accept service of process. We’d scan and upload documents to your online account.

Northwest Registered Agent Cons

Nobody’s perfect. Here are our gripes.

Confusing Language Around Some Products

Northwest advertises free mail forwarding and a business address with their LLC package. We felt it would be easy for a person to feel mislead by these terms.

The business address is just for use on your formation documents, which granted is valuable for privacy reasons, but it’s not a private address you can use for your business. They do offer a virtual address service, which gives you a private physical address you can use for everything, but it’s not included in the package.

We have a similar gripe with their “free mail forwarding” which turns out to only include 5 envelopes per year and is only intended to be used for incidental mail sent to them on accident. So, while this is also valuable (most companies charge $15 or more for forwarded mail) an actual mail service is more.


Northwest Registered Agent LLC Formation Sign-up

First, use this promotional link. It will save you $286.

One of the things we like about Northwest Registered Agent sign up process right off the bat, is that they give you this running total for your order from the first screen. Transparency is a major issue in this industry. Almost all of the other sites we reviewed keep your total hidden until it’s time to check out.

Northwest Registered Agent Signup form


Another unique feature about Northwest Registered Agent is that they give you all of the options for using their address instead of yours right up front. The reason they can use their address is because they are a registered agent. This is a an added benefit of using a registered agent to form your LLC. The added privacy alone is worth the price of admission.


Northwest Registered Agent Signup Form

Next, you’ll choose whether your business is to be member-managed or manager-managed. Most LLCs are member-managed. If you are paying someone a salary to run your LLC, you will select manager-managed.

*Note: Another nice thing about Northwest Registered Agent’s sign up process is that you can click forward and back through each step so you can see everything you’ll be required to provide and then decide if you want to move forward. It’s always so annoying when you can’t know what information you are going to have to provide until you’re all the way into the process.

Northwest Registered Agent Signup Form

We also like how Northwest Registered Agent treats their upsells. It’s not a bunch of hard sells or sneakily worded options meant to trick you into opting into something. They simply give you a nice column of extra services with clearly marked prices.

We love the transparency and privacy of this website. We highly recommend using them to form your LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent Additional Services

An important consideration of our Northwest Registered Agent review is how they handle their additional services. Their brand is “When You Want More”, with an emphasis on the “When”, because maybe it’s not right now. Right now, maybe you just want to form your LLC, and you don’t care about a registered agent or business address, or business phone number. What’s nice about Northwest Registered Agent is they don’t pressure you to add these additional services while you’re just trying to form your LLC. Instead, they make them all easily added once your LLC is formed.

Registered agent service ($125/year, first year included with LLC formation):

Almost all states require LLCs maintain an official registered agent. This ensures a point of contact between the LLC and the state. To qualify as a registered agent, one typically need only be a resident of the state and be available during business hours. This means that many LLC owners can qualify to be their own registered agent and save a little money if they only plan on doing business in one state. But it also requires that you divulge your personal address on public documents, so generally is not recommended for those who value privacy.

Northwest Registered Agent handles all communications digitally, so any official notices you receive from the state are automatically uploaded to a secure account, which you can view from any browser. They also upload any mail they receive for you by mistake.

Operating agreement (free state specific templates)

An operating agreement is a crucial document for every LLC. It outlines the rules and guidelines the LLC will be legally obligated to follow. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be created early on. Northwest Registered Agent makes it easy and affordable to create a state specific operating agreement at the time of formation, or whenever you’re ready.

Federal Tax ID or EIN, ($50)

A Federal Tax ID is free to obtain and is not required by the state. However, you’ll need one in most cases to open a bank account. You can add one to your order and Northwest Registered Agent will obtain one for you. You can also follow their detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

Annual business compliance filing ($100 + state fees)

Almost all states require that you file some type of annual report. Each state has their own requirements and due dates. Many states have stiff penalties for failing to file. It gets particularly confusing when your LLC operates in more than one state. Northwest Registered Agent will file this for you for $100 fee, or you can do it yourself following their state-specific annual report instructions.

Virtual office, virtual mail, and web-based phone service

Northwest Registered Agent offers a few different products, all of which revolve around a private, physical address in one of a handful of states, and an affordable web-based phone number that lets you choose from nearly any area code.

Law on Call

This is a subscription legal service, much like that offered by LegalZoom, but appears to be in a fledgling stage and available only in limited locations. Their trademark services appear to offer the most value at this point.

Corporate books & seals ($30-$100)

Corporate books & seals are not legally required, but they can be nice to show off.

Northwest Registered Agent Reviews by Customers

Northwest Registered Agent reviews are not as plentiful as they are for some of their competitors. But those that exist are largely positive. Many of the reviews talk about Northwest Registered Agent’s excellent customer service, as well as Northwest’s speedy filing time. Here are a few examples:

NWRA Review Customer Satisfaction

NWRA Customer Satisfaction Review

Northwest Registered Agent Customer Support Review

NW Customer Service Review

Northwest Agent Review FAQs

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legit?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is legit. They have been a registered agent since 1998, have offices in every state in the country, and employ over 600 people.

Does Northwest Registered Agent Ever Have Sales or Promotional Codes?

Yes, we have access to Northwest’s affiliate program. This link will get you the best promo we’ve seen of theirs, $39 for an LLC formation and one free year of registered agent services. That’s all the paperwork, filed with the state same-day. This will be standard processing through the state, but in many states you can also pay an additional fee to have the state expedite your order as well.

Is it Worth Hiring a Registered Agent?

Almost all states require you to maintain a registered agent for your LLC. If you only do business in your home state, it’s possible to fulfill this requirement yourself. The Economic Development Corporation encourages new LLC owners to hire this service out for a couple of reasons. First, it affords an additional privacy buffer between you and anyone with a search engine. Northwest Registered Agent is great for this, because of how privacy oriented they are. Second, when your business expands into other states, you’ll likely need to hire a registered agent, anyway.

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