Northwest Registered Agent vs. Incfile Comparison

Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent are both well-established companies in the business formation industry. But how do you decide which one is best? To research this, we went through the process of forming a business with each of these companies and saw how they compared in four key areas: price/value, ease of use, customer support, and customer satisfaction.

What You Get with the Basic Package

We compared the prices and services that Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent offer with their basic formation package. Incfile is cheaper overall, but Northwest offers a slightly faster processing speed and a cheaper EIN.

LLC Formation Price Filing Formation Documents Registered Agent Service Operating Agreement EIN Order Processing Speed
Northwest Registered Agent $39 plus state fees (promotional price*) Included Free for a year, then $125/yr $50 $50 Same day processing
Incfile $0 plus state fees Included Free for a year, then $119/yr $40 $70 Next business day

*Promotional price available when signing up with affiliate link. Standard price for Northwest is $225 plus state fees, including year of registered agent service.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. Incfile: Price

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest currently offers a promotional LLC formation package, available via the link below.

  • Promotional package: $39 + state fees (normally $225). Includes formation documents filing, limited mail forwarding, and a free year of registered agent service ($125/yr after).

Northwest is slightly more expensive than Incfile, but at $39, plus a free year of registered agent service, it’s still a great deal.

Northwest Registered Agent No-Fee LLC


Incfile offers a variety of packages, including one that only charges state fees.

  • Silver Package: $0 + state fees. Includes formation documents filing and free year of registered agent service ($119/yr after).
  • Gold Package: $149 + state fees. Includes all Silver package features, plus some additional services, including an EIN, operating agreement, and business tax consultation.
  • Platinum Package: $299 + state fees. Includes all Gold package features, plus expedited filing, a web domain name, business email address, and business contact templates.

Incfile’s price point for their Silver package is impossible to beat: free minus the state fees. The free year of registered agent service is a great bonus.

The Gold Package may be worthwhile for some new business owners who value convenience and don’t mind spending some extra money. The customized operating agreement is the most valuable feature here. The Platinum package is less of a bargain, as a web domain name and business email address can be acquired for much cheaper elsewhere, and most small businesses won’t need the business contract templates.


Incfile’s Silver package is free, minus the state fees, and includes a free year of registered agent service, so if you’re simply looking to pay as little as possible for basic LLC formation, Incfile is the better option. However, Northwest’s deal of $39 plus state fees, and a free year of registered agent service, is still very affordable.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. Incfile: Ease of Use

Northwest Registered Agent

We found the process of signing up for Northwest to be very simple. You simply enter your personal and business information and pay. There are minimal up-sells and no third- party offers (part of their “Privacy by Default” messaging, which also includes a free business address for public filings and no data sales).

Northwest allows you to cancel services directly from the online dashboard. There is a large red “cancel services” button on the dashboard, making it simple to cancel. Northwest also recently made it possible to cancel services over the phone or through email.


Many of Incfile’s positive customer reviews state that Incfile is easy to use and that the process to form your business with Incfile is quite simple. We found that to be true as well. There are a few up-sells and third-party offers through the process of signing up, but if you choose any of these up-sells your overall price will be updated so there are no surprises.

The only issue we found is that the only way to cancel services is by emailing customer support. You cannot cancel through the online portal or by phone. This seems to be a problem for some customers, as we read several complaints from customers saying they tried to cancel services via email and didn’t receive a response.


Both services make it easy to sign up for and use their services and are transparent about pricing. We appreciated that Northwest avoids using third-party sites whenever possible and does not have third-party offers in their sign-up process or on their online dashboard. This is not true of Incfile, which does include third-party offers both in their sign-up process and on their online dashboard.

We also appreciated that Northwest makes it easy to cancel service, either through the online portal, by email or over the phone. Incfile, on the other hand, only offers one way to cancel, through the customer support email. In the grand scheme of things, however, both companies got high marks for being generally very easy to use.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. Incfile: Customer Support

Northwest Registered Agent

Rather than traditional customer support, Northwest has a specialized Corporate Guide system. Their Corporate Guides have more in-depth expertise on business formation and can provide more detailed help on your business formation questions. Another benefit of Corporate Guides is that if you have a good experience with a particular guide, you can ask to speak to the same person again. Many positive customer reviews for Northwest talk about the excellent customer service.

We called Northwest’s Corporate Guide number and were sent to voicemail. However, a Corporate Guide called us back fifteen minutes later. We asked the same questions we asked to the Incfile representative. Northwest’s Corporate Guide asked for details about my business and gave us a much more detailed answer to our questions. Overall, we felt like Northwest’s Corporate Guide went above and beyond simply answering our questions factually and really took the extra time to find out about our business needs and give us all the information needed to make the best decision.


We called Incfile’s customer support line and were put on hold for five minutes and then sent to voicemail. However, when we called back an hour later, we got through to a customer support representative right away. The representative answered my questions briefly but professionally and accurately.

In the past, many of Incfile’s negative customer reviews have complained that it is difficult to reach a customer support person on the phone. Incfile’s website claims that they have recently doubled their customer support staff, so it’s possible that they’ve improved in this area.


While Incfile’s customer support will probably be adequate for most customers’ needs, Northwest’s Corporate Guides seem to put in extra effort to provide the best customer service in the industry. On our phone calls, Northwest’s Corporate Guide gave much more detailed answers to our questions than Incfile’s support representative. Customer reviews confirm that Northwest’s customer service is exceptional.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. Incfile: Customer Satisfaction

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest does not have as many customer reviews as Incfile does, but they have a higher percentage overall of positive to negative reviews. They have a 4.4/5 star customer rating on the Better Business Bureau website and a 4.5/5 rating in Google Reviews. Many of the positive reviews talk about Northwest’s excellent customer service.

NW Customer Service Review

Northwest Registered Agent Customer Service Review

The negative reviews, while there aren’t that many of them, tend to talk about mistakes made with their order, not receiving compliance reminders, or being double billed.

NW Review


Incfile has over 30,000 reviews on the web. Most of their reviews are on, where they have over 25,000 five-star reviews. They have a 4.53/5 star rating from the Better Business Bureau. However on a few other review websites, they have lower ratings. They have a 2.2/5 rating on and a 2/5 rating on

Incfile’s positive reviews frequently say that Incfile is easy to use and that the process to form a business with Incfile was fast and simple.

Incfile Review

The negative reviews typically talk about customers having delays or mistakes with their orders or not getting helpful responses from customer support.

Incfile Review


Both Incfile and Northwest have many more positive reviews than they do negative ones. Incfile has a larger quantity of total reviews, but Northwest has a higher ratio of positive to negative reviews.


Both of these companies are solid options for forming your LLC. While Incfile has the benefit of being slightly cheaper and having a larger number of customer reviews, Northwest Registered Agent has exceptional customer service and focuses on data protection with its Privacy by Default model.

If you want more detailed information on both of these companies, check out our reviews of Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent.