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Zenbusiness LLC Services Review

With its emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, Zenbusiness targets new business owners looking for a pain free company formation process. And they do a great job of it.

We like Zenbusiness because of their pleasing website, their excellent customer service, and their reasonable prices.

Zenbusiness’ $49 basic LLC formation package includes:

ZenBusiness $49 Basic LLC Formation Package
  • A fully formed LLC
  • Operating Agreement Template
  • 1 yr of Worry Free Compliance*
  • Does not include registered agent service
  • CPA consultation

* Auto renews at $199/yr. Does not include registered agent service

Example Delaware LLC formation Total Cost:

DE State Fees $90   + Credit Card Fee $0  + Zenbusiness Fee $4= Total $139

Our Review Methodology

We formed an LLC with each site, verified the paperwork was filed correctly and timely, then monitored for unexpected charges.

We based our review scores on the following criteria:

  • Value
  • Ease of signup
  • Upsells and spam
  • Default formation speed (expedite fees not included)
  • Quality of customer service

Zenbusiness LLC Formation Pros

ZenBusiness is a solid formation service with an innovative user interface.

Zenbusiness Offers Great Value

Zenbusiness offers great value for their services, especially their $49 LLC formation package.

  • Reasonable Prices
  • Excellent Performance and accuracy

The Zenbusiness Unique Signup Process

Zenbusiness uses a non-traditional signup form that resembles a text message dialogue. They chat you questions and your responses are compiled and used to complete the state paperwork.

  • Signup by text


ZenBusiness has Fast Formation Speed

Zenbusiness filed our formation paperwork with the state of Delaware in one business day and we had our fully formed LLC in 20 business days.

  • Next business day filing.

ZenBusiness Has Great Customer Service

We put Zen’s Customer Service Department to the test and were mostly impressed.

  • No hold time

Question 1: I heard Delaware is a good state to start my LLC in. Is that true?

Response: Lots of people start LLCs in DE, we’re not a tax firm so I can’t speak to the…

Question 2: If I live in Illinois, are there any complications with starting my LLC in Delaware?

Response: Delaware does not record a business address. So you would just need a registered agent.

Question 3: I heard one of the cool things about having an LLC in Delaware is that all lawsuits run through the Court of Chancery. What is that and is it actually good?

Response: I’ve never heard of that.

ZenBusiness Has a Customer-Friendly Cancellation Policy

Zen boasts a 60-day money back guarantee (minus any state or third party fees). They say if you are unsatisfied in any way, call customer support for a refund. In addition, although you are billed annually for the services, you can cancel for a pro-rated refund at any time.

Zenbusiness Cons

We do have a couple of gripes.

ZenBusiness Lacks Price Transparency

Zen uses a confusing pricing structure. Their $49 starter LLC package is a good deal, but to get it you have to jump through some hoops, decline a few upgraded packages. Once you do jump through those hoops, you’ll find in small print that the plan auto renews at $199/yr. And it doesn’t auto renew to include a registered agent service, but instead it auto renews to include Zen’s Worry Free Compliance service, which is just an annual report reminder with a link to complete your annual report.

ZenBusiness Lacks Signup Transparency

We hate it when websites design their signup forms so that you can’t see what sensitive information you’ll need to divulge to complete your order until your already halfway through the signup process. Zenbusiness does this and we just had to say something about it.

How the Sign up Works

  • Signup by chat
    Zenbusiness has recently changed the user interface for their website so that it resembles a texting experience.

This is a highly specific approach, which we think a person could either love or hate. 

Getting Zen’s $49 formation deal is a little tricky. You’ll need to decline their Registered agent service (you actually have to decline twice). Next you’ll need to defer their recommended package, which $199 per year. Instead, select “other options” and scroll past the premium packages until you get to their “starter Package”.

Even their starter package renews at $199/yr. What do you get for that $199/yr? We had trouble figuring that out, too. This means that ZenBusiness sends you a reminder with a simple link to file your annual report. They also allow you to make two amendments per year. You will have the option of canceling this service before it renews.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews for ZenBusiness are favorable. Trustpilot reports 87% of customers rate Zen as excellent, while only 2% rate them badly. The chief complaint among ZenBusiness customers involves unexpected fees, which we are not surprised by. Zen’s push for simplicity comes at a cost of clarity. Those who were most surprised seem to be unclear that when they formed a business with Zen, they also signed up for the annual registered agent service. This is not a valueless service. In fact it is a required component of LLC ownership, but if you haven’t done your homework and are blasting through the formation process, it would be easy to miss.

Other complaints come from people charged for additional services they did not request. Be sure when signing up to read each page carefully. Many optional services are offered and clicking “yes” on one you don’t want could be an easy mistake to make.

Below are a few examples of ZenBusiness customer reviews:

ZenBusiness Review Highly RecommendZenBusiness ReviewZenBusiness Review

Additional Services Offered by Zenbusiness

Besides business formation and registered agent services, ZenBusiness also offers:
Bank resolution ($30)
Business domain ($25/yr)
Website creation ($100/yr)
Business folio ($70)
Mailing address ($15/mo)
Business license report ($99)
Business document templates ($100)
Tax filing with auto expenses ($15/mo)
In addition to these paid services, Zen also offers a host of free business guides on topics ranging from “how to create a business plan” to “estimating your business costs.” They have also partnered with businesses like LendingClub to offer banking and insurance services.