ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services Review

ZenBusiness has grown rapidly in recent years. Their slick website design and chipper approach makes them very appealing. Zen also makes filling out their forms as easy as replying to a chat thread. They are not the cheapest service nor the most expensive, but a solid company with excellent customer service in an industry where customer service is paramount.

• Great website
• Dependable infrastructure
• Excellent customer support
• Annual report reminders cost extra
• Lack of Privacy Protection


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ZenBusiness Registered Agent Options and Pricing

Option 1: Registered Agent Services Only. $199/year (half off for the first year)
• Instant notification of any communication from the state.
• online access to any uploaded documents.

*Note that some sites report Zen’s pricing as $99/year but this is for the first year only.

Option 2: Registered Agent Service with “Annual Worry-Free Compliance”. $398/year. Half off first year. The worry free compliance service:
• Sends alerts for important filing events.
• Supports your annual filings and up to two annual amendments.
• Provides expert support to regain good standing when lost.

ZenBusiness Compliance and Annual Report Support

ZenBusiness charges $100 (plus state fees) to file your annual report. They also promote a “Worry-Free Compliance Service”. This service sends you annual reminders to file your annual report. The service is included in their premium business formation plans, but is also available as a separate service for $199/year. In addition to annual report reminders, the service allows you to make up to two amendments per year for no cost. The worry-free compliance service includes an email link that makes it very easy to file your annual report. But it does not include the actual filing. To file your annual report costs an additional $100.

Is the Zenbusiness “Worry-Free Compliance” package Worth it?”

No, the worry free compliance package is not worth it unless you are very forgetful. Annual reports are extremely important to remember. But annual report reminders are an included feature of many other registered agent services, and since ZenBusiness does not even file the report for this fee, we don’t recommend it.

ZenBusiness and Your Personal Data

ZenBusiness has nothing in their privacy policy that restricts them from selling your data. They don’t even mention the word, “sell”. They do disclose that ZenBusiness, “collects, uses, discloses, transfers, stores, retains or otherwise processes your information“. They also disclose the specific ways in which they collect your information. Read their privacy policy for yourself to learn more.

This is not our favorite approach. It is common practice. However,there are companies we review that offer same quality service, but without the abuse of privacy. But, maybe this isn’t a problem for you.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services Review Summary

ZenBusiness offers a great website, excellent customer service, and a robust supporting infrastructure. They offer a very weak privacy policy, but this may or may not bother you.